Europe 2015

Europe. Every body wants to go to Europe. I have always been intrigued by European architecture, their propensity for efficient public transport and just europe in general.  $150 RT to Copenhangen from LAX made it easy to jump in and book the tickets. Book ’em, Danno


This is the hardest part for many. But me, being a travel geek, enjoy this part. I actually have plans for three or four 2 weeks trips that I cant take in next 2 years. Thats for another post.

I knew I was flying into Copenhagen and flying out of somewhere in Germany. After looking at tickets from Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt, we purchased an open jaw ticket out of FRA.


I have a third world passport. Not really. But thats dramatic. So, lets go with that. Long story short, I don’t have a passport that permits visa free travel to Europe. But thanks to the Schengen agreement, I could score one schengen visa and visit all 6 countries.

Schengen visa rules are straight forward and convoluted at the same time. I decided to apply for Schengen visa with the Dutch consulate. Since Los Angeles consulate did not have any open slots I chose to apply at San Francisco. I had every duck in the row for the visa appointment but the visa officer did not check any documents. Lo and behold, I had visa in 2 minutes.

Wait..anticipate..and..finally, go time!

Goleta – LAX – CPH



Belgium – Antwerp, Brussels, Brugge, Ghent






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