Santa Barbara – Copenhangen


I planned for this trip a whole more than a what a girl plans for her wedding day. What I didn’t plan was when and how I’d get to LAX from Santa Barbara. My initial idea was to drive down on Friday evening and crash in LA or Orange County. But as things turned out, I did not start packing till 1 AM on saturday. I was out in good ol’ M Special Brewery in Goleta on Friday night. I finished packing around 5 AM and crashed only to be woken up by the screaming alarm at 7 AM.

A really good SinTax Stout on Friday Night

My roommate Ash drove me to Santa Barbara Airbus stop at 10 AM. I was soon in my seat and crashed. I woke up 2.5 hours later when we pulled into LAX terminal 1. I was dropped off at Tom Bradley terminal soon after and met with my friend who was going to Europe with me.

Check-in and security was as good as it can get at LAX. One of the downside of flying LCC Norwegian is that they aren’t in any of the three airline alliance. That means I cant use OneWorld Lounge. So we sat close to the gate and did the usual pre departure stuff – Facebook checkin, instagram post etc.

TATL Dreamliner

Locked and loaded in 787 dreamliner we are flying north soon. I have flown dreamliner earlier on short domestic flight. But on 10 hour international flight – Oh, boy, was it comfortable? That was probably the best $150 I ever spent tied with $140 pitt tickets to Hozier I bought in late 2015. Book it, Danno!

After lots and lots of sleep, we landed in Kobenhavns International. Hello Europe! 🙂




It was now 9:30 AM, which meant we had time till next morning 6AM to explore Kobenhavns. We took the airport metro to the city center where we had our hotel reserved. My memory fails me right now but from what I recall daily metro pass was around 15-20 Euros. Not bad.

Very Efficient Copenhagen metro

I am addicted to a few things . Coffee is one which I can disclose in a open forum that we know and call the world wide web. Don’t get any ideas, I am pretty swell guy. Anyway, it is now 10:20 AM and we have checked in dropped our bags and are out of the hotel. I need caffine and sure enough scandinavia has some good coffee to offer.

Espresso something with something

yo, Starbucks, you listening? This is around the time back home in US there was big social media outburst about Starbucks’ holiday cup. I could help but chuckle my way out of it. Don’t get me wrong, my day starts with a tall Pike, but heck, I could care less if I got my coffee in a pink to-go mug.

Rest of the day was spent doing typical touristy things. First up – Nyhavn. Its Copenhagen’s waterfront. Its an irony that I live  Santa Barbara but never go to Stearn’s wharf. But, alas, I am tourist here today.

Isn’t it colorful?
B being touristy
Yet another not so great Nyhavn picture

 At this point we were pretty hungry and headed to get lunch. But hey, when you are in CPH for a day eat Danish pastry.


Tired at this point, we went back to the hotel and crashed.

Woke up at 4:30 and it was already dark. Damnation!

Its 4:30 PM

Another caffinated drink later, we left to visit Tivoli garden. I wasn’t a fan of visiting this place. Turned out, I was wrong.


Is it Tivoli or  San Gabriel Valley?

Before you come at guns ablaze for a border-line racist comment, you gotta know, I compare bay area or Bangalore 😉 I, thus, rest my case. LOL


It was November 7th and christmas prep was already underway in Denmark. But with the weather it already felt like Christmas. #SoCalFTW

Anyhoo, backing up a little bit, when I left LAX I thought I was prepared for European cold weather. Turns out I was wrong. First and the only thing I bought in Copenhagen was a good down jacket. Now, back stateside I use it when I go for a run in the evenings at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Overkill, you say?

 Around Tivoli garden we got some dinner. Pulled duck burger on sesame something bun. Delicious. Europe 1 – USA 0.

Pulled pork sandwich

In no mood to go sleep we hopped from bar to bar until 2AM.


I never really intended to visit Copenhangen in this trip. Mostly because its colder compared to non scandinavian Europe. More so, because I want to visit all scandinavian countries in one trip in May sometime. I ended up flying via CPH because of the cheap tickets. So, we had only one day here.

Rise and shine by 5 AM for 6:30 AM train. We took an Uber to Copenhagen central. Pretty fancy for 30 Euro / 5.5 hour train ride.


Soon enough, we are on NL side and are cruising by beautiful dutch country side.  I haven’t had coffee yet today. So, I am grumpy, sleepy and what not. That is my excuse for not taking pictures here.

And before we know, we are is Amsterdam! Wooooo

Amsterdam Centraal Station

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