Today I am going to France. No, not Paris. Everyone wants to go to Paris. So do I. I’d be lying if I said I did not want to go. But not today, not this trip.

Actually, France wasn’t on my radar for this trip. Like most people, I too associate France with Paris and Eiffel Tower. But Paris was too far from where I wanted to go. Driving from Brussels to Luxembourg City cuts very close to the French border. So, I decided to make a small deviation and visit one of the towns by the border. I narrowed it down to Charleville Mézières.

I started driving from Brussels around 7:30 AM. Drive to Charleville Mézières is about two hours. Belgian country side is so beautiful that I couldn’t resist pulling over a handful of times to take some beautiful shots.


And soon enough, I am at the French border.


Charleville Mézières is a typical European town gorgeous architecture. I spent most of time here by  the palace taking pictures.


I decide to have some crepes for lunch and decide to drive to Luxembourg City.



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