It made logical sense to have a stop over in Luxembourg while driving from Brussels to Munich (via France). Also, I could strike out another country from “yet-to-visit” list. 

Welcome to Luxembourg!


Luxembourg exceeded all expectations. Which isn’t saying much considering that I had no expectations to begin with.  I knew almost nothing about it (other than the fact that it is one of the smallest countries in Europe and possibly, in the world). And I had no clue what language people spoke there (Luxembourgish?). Just like watching a movie without first having seen the trailer, I went to Luxembourg without having read anything about it. Just like I did for the movie Bridge of Spies.

Now, If I were ever to move to Europe, I’ll move to Luxembourg City.

The good thing about having no expectations is that it’s difficult to be disappointed. Luxembourg had nothing to live up to. But it did a really good job in impressing me. How could I not be pleasantly surprised by the city’s gorgeous valleys, high plateaus, narrow streets, old fortress walls, wide roads and very effcient (yet somewhat plagued by traffic) public transport system?

It is possible to see everything worth seeing in one day, on foot. That is what I exactly did.

Luxembourg has the right mix of typical european and modern architecture. So you’ll find old buildings, narrow roads, typical European cafes juxtaposed next to skyscarappers, wide roads and American sports bar (yeah, its called Arizona bar and played Red Hot Chilli Pepeprs)


I spent the day the way it should be spent in Luxembourg -take a bus to “Grund” and just stroll around till sunset. There are gazillion places to just stop, enjoy the view, solitude and take pictures. After sunset head down to the hip, trendy downtown for some good food, drinks and watch suits running to catch bus/train to get back home.

lux4lux5lux6luxembourgluxembourg1luxembourg2luxembourg4IMG1luxView of LuxembourgView from the Casemates on old Luxembourg CityLux 0244 Luxembourg City, Grund, bridge over Alzette river


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