India 2015

Bangalore – The place I used to call home. It still is. But I do not live there anymore.

After driving from Scandinavia to Frankfurt I was flying Saudia to Bangalore with a connection in Riyadh.

Oh, The misery that is Saudi Arabian airlines and the absolute dump that we call know and call Riyadh International.

20 mins out to Bangalore International. My mind and body are in conflict about sleep time. I couldn’t care less. My mind soon starts playing Skylar Gray’s I am coming home. True to the T.


Thud..Screech…” Welcome to Bengaluru. The local time now is <whateveritwas> and weather outside is <supereffingawesomebangaloreweather>”


Driving from the airport to my parent’s home is a very nostalgic drive. Why, you ask? That was the road I travelled to and from college. Every single day. For four years leading up the day I moved to CA.

Soon, we are at IISc. Man, nothin’ screams Bangalore like those canopied roads.


Now, I am home. For the uninitiated, my family is coorg (or may be from Greece). Either way, Pork or,  Pandi Curry as we call it is a delicacy. I texted my mom from the dump (Riyadh) and asked her to have some ready. Well, she already had. Moms, right?


I am not satisfied yet. I go out for some Idly.


And some filter coffee.


I then start to fight this little something called as jetlag. Its much worse when you go from PST to Euro Time for over a week and then to IST. But I did a fairly good job.

One of the reason’s I am in Bangalore is because a friend is getting married. A good, long time friend whom I hadn’t seen in 4 years. Well, she didn’t know I was gonna knock on her door a day before her wedding. But, I did. If you recall from my other post, I am not comfortable with surprises. But I totally am in surprising others.


The next few days are a blur. It was more like meet some friends, drink, come home and eat a lot.


Next up Coorg. Last I knew, drive to Coorg from Bangalore was night mare from the half way point. Now, not so much. Actually, none at all.  I do not know who is responsible for this. New state govt or central govt. Who ever it is I certainly appreciate.


Did I tell ‘ya Coorg is known for coffee plantations? That it is a major supplier of coffee beans for starbucks India?


..And did I tell you there is tea estate too in Coorg?



Wrapping up in Coorg and back in Bangalore, I worked remote for a week.

That weekend, I flew back to SBA via DXB and LAX in Emirates (In Skywards Business no less) and AA regional jet.

It all ended when I checked in at SBA on Swarm app and it said “Welcome home” and I chucked “from home”


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