Keblar Pass 2015

It was late August and I was itching to do some fall photography. Being in California doesn’t, we do not get a lot of fall foliage. I researched online and decided to head to Keblar pass, Colodaro.

Travel Crested Butte website constantly update about fall foliage in and around Crested Butte. That helped in planning the trip around the peak foliage.

Keblar pass is a high mountain pass in Colorado and has few of the world’s largest Aspen groves. During the peak of fall foliage, its a riot of colors out there. It is around 200 miles south west of Denver. 

Swag for the trip


Day 1


Couple of uneventful flights later I reached Denver. I picked  up the rental car and headed to Boulder. A friend of mine lives in Boulder and we were gonna catch up.

For the country road
Recreating Yelahanka in Boulder

Couple of hours later, I picked my other friends from the airport. We were all lugging our photography  gears. If some one were to steal all our gears, he’d be richer by $20,000 :O

We planned to drive Aspen today. We passed  Independence pass on the way. This is the first time I experienced altitude sickness. It wasn’t bad but now I understand how it could be delirious.


But the drive is so scenic and colourful with all the fall foliage, we  reached Aspen late in the evening.


Day 2

Aspen-Keblar Pass -Crested Butte

Today’s plan is simple. Drive through Keblar pass to Crested Butte, CO.

Just as we getting out of Snowmass village, I came across this. Indian Flag.


To get to Keblar pass from Aspen, head north from Aspen on 82 and then south on 133. Turn off of 133 right after Paonia state park.

Once you turn off on 133, you start driving on State route 12. This is to the most part unpaved and narrow. Although easily drivable in a sedan in non winter months.


There is no signage to mark Keblar Pass. Its about 20 miles from the point you turn off from the 133.



To the most part here, google maps doesn’t work. Best alternate would be have to the locations loaded onto offline maps or start the navigation in Carbondale where there is 4G connection and let the maps run through out the day.

Any photographer worth his/her salt can easily spend a day in the 40 mile stretch of Keblar Pass. And that is exactly what we did.

The right strategy is to just keep driving at a slower pace and pull over when ever you you feel like you need take some photos. One can easily expect to pull over a couple of dozen times.

I’ll let the pictures do rest of the talking.

That right there is world’s largest Aspen grove. This also happens to be 15 mins of fame shot. It was ‘popular’ on 500px  galleries on the day I uploaded













We reached Crested Butte around 5PM. First Ascent coffee roasters has some really good coffee in town.

Day 3

Crested Butte – DEN-LAX-SBA

Driving back from Crested Butte to Denver we passed through Monarch Pass. Its not as high up Independence pass. So, none of us had any symptoms of altitude sickness.


Later that evening I flew back to LAX on United 787 dreamliner.



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