Travel Withdrawal Syndrome

Some roads, you start going down and can’t turn back, and I’m about 100 miles down one of those right now. That sounds like the worst country song ever written. But true. So…

My name is Kav, and I am a travel addict. There you go, I said it.

Although medically unproven, Travel Withdrawal Syndrome (TWS) is as real as it gets. Certainly, a hell of a lot real than loch ness monster or alien contact.

Many people claim to be travel addicts. The closer you look at it, there are travel addicts and travel fanatics. The difference between the two lies in the what happens when you are back home. Travel fanatics tend to treasure the moments from the trip and get back to life. Travel addicts on the other hand tend to feel shitty going back to the grind and start plotting next travel. 

Travel fanatic is the step one at becoming an addict. I have seen that progression myself. Every time I come back home from a trip, I come down so hard it’s as if I spent a week or two on cocaine or ecstasy (I imagine). It feels like the forces of the universe are trying to balance out the awesomeness of the trip.

Like they say, time heals all wounds (even TWS). But in some cases before it happens you might be staring at open jaw return ticket form Serbia in your email 😉


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