When I was planning this trip I was not too keen on visiting Vienna. I had multitude of reasons for that. I wanted this trip to be a ‘Eastern bloc’ only. Don’t ask why. I do not know myself. Earlier in one of the previous Euro trips, I lost way in Bavaria and ended up in Austria. So, technically I had ticked it off my list. More importantly, lets face it, Vienna is not top on any backpacker’s list. Its expensive, opulent (no backpacker ever travels with a pair of suit to go to opera) and I am not a culture buff either. After  a lot of thought, I decided to spend a night in Wien, which in retrospect was a good idea to get rid of Prague party hangover.

I was staying close to Praha Hvlani station. So a quick walk to the station in the morning and my CZ Rail jet to Vienna pulled in soon enough.


See, I do not easy. When the railjet gave me an option to take direct train or change in Brno for the same price, I chose the 1x connection in Brno.  Atleast I got to spend last of Czech Kunas here on Goulash and Pilsner. Yes, at 11 AM.



The ride from Brno to Wien was quick. I slept for the most part of it. Couple of times when I was awake I noticed the train was doing consistent 120kmph. Take that, Amtrak. And soon we pulled into Wien Hauptbahnhof. Hauptbahnhof is tram and metro connections to every corner of the city. Thats the positive side of the story. On the flip side, it took me 20 minutes to figure out the mammoth public trasnport map. Oh, the paradox! Anyway I was soon out on my way my hostel.

Wien in German word for Vienna. But sometimes its hysterical for an American. Vienna’s public transport system is Wiener Linen. How could I not chuckle at that.  A large population of people spoke good English. So, it wasn’t really hard communicating.


I checked in , showered and went out strolling..something I so best. Got a viennese coffee, some food, walked around 9 miles and ended the day with some schnitzel and beer. Thats a good one in my book.

















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