Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic is a city on the edge of the coast facing the Adriatic Sea. Its awe inspiring landscape, beautiful old town and abundance of history means you can’t fail to be enticed by its many charms – even if you do find it a bit of a scramble at times to make your way through the countless other visitors.

With a population of just under 50,000 it’s actually a much smaller town than you might think. Despite being such a popular tourist draw, I urge you not to miss out on a visit to this historical spot especially if you’ve never been before. It is visually truly beautiful, the old town being like something straight off of a movie set. Immaculately cobbled streets and magnificent stone buildings ooze life in the hustle and bustle of the local restaurants, cafes and bars that spill gloriously out all around you.




IMG_3326 (1)
Banje (banh-yay) beach
View from the room I stayed in
From the city walls


Dubrovnik itself nestles neatly beneath Mount Srdj, the summit of which can be reached by cable car or if you’re feeling particularly fit and in need of a challenge you can climb to the top in a steep climb that I’m told takes around 45 minutes to complete.





Dubrovnik is currently on the bucket lists of many new visitors due to the fact that many parts of the old town feature as backdrop in the HBO cult show “Game of Thrones”.

Picture Geoffrey here
Thats red keep..realsies
Hellz yeah!
IMG_3413 (1).JPG
Thats my walk of shame!

Although it will be busy at pretty much anytime of the day that you choose to visit, a trip around the circumference of the walls, gazing down at the red roofed old city below, really is well worth the time and effort. You will get an amazing understanding of the layout, some beautiful views and just a really great overview and insight into the beauty of the old town and all its hidden nooks and nuances.










There is a beach at every corner in Dubrovnik. My favorite is Banje beach by the old town although it is crowded. But it is something coming from me because a) I usually tend to avoid places that sees masses of tourists and b) I am from Santa Barbara and do not go to beach often.

To make my point, here is a picture of Banje beach.

IMG_3326 (1)
Banje (banh-yay) beach



Dubrovnik has good food scene than anywhere in Croatia. Strangely, iconic croatian food – White bread and Ham was missing from most of Dubrovnik. I am not complaining. Sea food and pasta are to die for in Dubrovnik. I found a spahgetteria which had both. If you ever find yourself in Dubrovnik, please visit Spaghetteria Toni in old town.


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