Summer of ’16

Summer of 2016…certainly some of the best days of my life.

Ok, this took far, far longer than I planned to get around to. I figured I’ll be spending 30,000 miles on planes over the course of 12 days, lots of time for writing. What I didn’t take into account is that my sleep schedule would get so out of whack that I’d find myself wandering streets at 3am enjoying cities in a whole new way and sleeping when I could. I got home after this mother of all trips absolutely wrecked in  more ways than one. Then there was life, and work, to catch up on…I am sitting at the gate in Santa Barbara Municipal airport waiting for puddle jumper to LAX for my connection to Mexico City onwards to Lima..but finally…here we go!

Travel is like a religion, where some people are incredibly fervent about it, while others just don’t understand. Just like most of us don’t understand what goes on in Trump supporters’ mind. I turned 25 this January. Around that time I thought of visiting visit 25 countries in a 12-month window. I started the ‘journey’ last Thanksgiving traveling through western Europe and Mexico in Jan/Feb. Come summer I decided to launch a full-fledged assault and haul a bunch of countries in Eastern Europe (smaller countries and not so frequently visited by tourists) and then a quick long weekend jaunt to South America.

Summer of travel!


Four months since then a lot has happened. Made 2 quick work trips across the country, spent labor day weekend in Albuquerque, NM. The second half of the summer and the first half of the Fall were work-heavy. Last 7-8 weeks has been consistent 65-70 hour weeks. All is good that culminates with a trip.

This is what my summer looked like

Moscow, Russia

Prague, Czech Republic

Vienna, Austria

Bratislava, Slovakia

Ljubljana and Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Budapest, Hungary

Plitvice lakes National Park, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina



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