About Me

I am a globetrotter, country collector, travel blogger, photographer, brown dude in tech from Southern California.

I have so far been to 46 countries in 4 continents.

I have wandered the jungles of Srilanka, been stranded in Europe after the Paris attacks in 2016, seen everything bad Saudi Arabia has to offer on a Saudia flight, been detained by Serbian border patrol, hiked Inca trail to Machu Picchu, gotten into (inebriated) verbal fight with a coke dealer in Amsterdam, driven a Ferrari in Autobahn, put up an Indian flag in Salar de Uyuni, Put my feet of both hemispheres at the same time (in Quito), hike Cordillera real all the way up to 19974 feet.

My goal is to step foot in all 5 continents by the time I turn 30. My long term goal is to visit all 196 countries (Vatican, Kosovo, Somaliland..etc are a country in my book). I have been told and often times convinced that I am certifiably crazy. May be so. But then I come across people like these two fine gentlemen (link 1, link 2). Crazy is the new black, perhaps?

As much as I want to be I am not a full-time traveler or a ‘digital nomad’. I am far too used to the luxuries of a steady income. Hopefully, somewhere between now and 196 countries, I’ll quit my job, sell my stuff and buy a one-way ticket to West Africa. (well, Isn’t that the dream?).

Until then, one trip at a time!


Favorite City – Prague, Budapest
Favorite Country – Peru, Croatia
Favorite Meal – Goulash, Hakka Noodles, Ceviche
Favorite Drink – Pisco Sour
Favorite Brewery – Letna Beer garden, Prague and M Special, Santa Barbara
Favorite Backpack – Osprey 50L
Favorite Hostel – Wombat’s hostel, Budapest
Favorite Peak/hike – Montana de Colores, otherwise known as Rainbow Mountain
Favorite Pass – Dead woman’s pass, otherwise known as the Gringo Killer



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